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    Arrow forcibly terminating io operations

    in the thread, if a connection is made with the http server, it takes too long at this line. how do i implement the "cancel connection" feature found in many j2me apps?

    int resc=hcon.getResponseCode();

    but calling thread.interrupt() during this wait does not terminate the operation.

    i hv a thread like this

    class thread extends Thread{
    public void run(){
    public void http() throws IOException{
    ...make hcon a connection
    int resc=hcon.getResponseCode();

    and calling it like this:
    thread a=new thread();
    ....when reqd., a.interrupt() is called. but it does not print "a".keeps on waiting

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    Smile set Daemon

    The only solution I have found to this problem ( which I have not tried ) is:
    Java Code:
    class TerminatableConnector extends Thread
       // code....
      TerminatableConnector tc = new TerminatableConnector();
    Which places this thread at the mercy of main and other threads. The Thread class has some sort of done() which can be polled in a lower priority thread. I did a great deal of convoluted experimenting on this with my first project and found that this approach brings responsiveness within reason.
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    hey, i dont think MIDP 2.0 supports the setDaemon() method, does it?

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