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    Default Is .jar all i need?

    I hope this is in the right forum. Im a final year i.t student and im writing a simple program to be implemented on an iPaq PDA. I have some experience in java but none in PDA's. I have downloaded and installed Creme onto the PDA and i have the cube demo working.
    My question is how to run my own applications. I have written a simple temperature conversion program as a test and exported it to a .jar file in eclipse. However this will not run on the PDA. Is there anything else i have to include along with the .jar file or is my problem somewhere else.

    I would appreciate any advice that you could give me.
    Thanks in advance

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    Usually what is needed on pda's is to not include very much. In general we restrict the work to a limited set of utility classes and not much else. Most PDA's have a custom built IDE or command line compiler that works for that paticular pda, a device may not recognize a dot jar file compiled with an IDE unless the IDE is built to compile work for that PDA.
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