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Thread: streaming mp3

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    Question streaming mp3

    how do i stream an mp3 (downloading in chunks and playing)? i first downloaded a part of the file as bytearray, then converted it into inputStream using bytearrayinputstream. and then played it. but the player gives a start exception(it sucessfully realizes and prefetches). im testing my app in sony ericssion emulator, that suports mp3.

    plz help me. point out whats wrong here:

    the download function:
    hcon = ( HttpConnection )"any mp3 file url here");//<---
    if (hcon.getResponseCode( ) == HttpConnection.HTTP_OK) {
    ByteArrayOutputStream star = null;
    byte stdata[]=new byte[500];

    System.out.println("stream "+hcon.getHeaderField("content-type"));
    //the content-type returned is "audio/mpeg"
    int total = 0;
    star = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
    int ch;
    System.out.println("length no");
    while ((ch = != -1){System.out.println(ch);
    System.out.println(stin.available());total++; System.out.println(total+" "+count);

    if(total==500)break;//breaks if the bytearray has 500 entries
    InputStream aa=new ByteArrayInputStream(star.toByteArray());//converting bytearray to inputstream

    craze.PLY(aa);//the player class to plaay the inputstream


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    Without all the code and the hardware, its very hard to help.
    Are you sure that the data is being sent correctly?
    Can you send a small file, read it and compare it against what was sent to see if the communications is working correctly?
    What is a "start exception"? Can you copy and post the full text of the error message here?

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