Hello everyone,

I am looking for interested parties in working on a project code named Sentry. Sentry allows users to share videos, music and other content via handhelds. It allows users to upload videos directly from a handheld to the mindebb.com video sharing website. It also allows users to chat, share files, and conduct file searches for downloads. It has a built in Media Player with a playlist function. Future goals are to implement video streaming from a hand held to another, also from a cell phone to a web site so that it can be broadcasted to a website (such as mindebb.com or a social network site) in real time. VOIP is another possibility that is being looked at for phone calls via TCP/IP. Any ideas on improving the application is also appreciated.

An alpha version (unstable) is already available on the mindebb.com website. Let me know if you are interested in joining the team.