Hi J2ME All,

Please help me I have to prepare doc on J2ME?
Why to use J2ME and option for this other's like J2EE,J2SE.
Why to choose J2ME?

I prepared like this below reg J2ME.
Why to use/opt for this:-

Why to use/opt for this:
Content Handler API (CHAPI) (JSR 211),Connected Device Configuration (CDC),Connected Device Configuration HotSpot Implementation,Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) HotSpot Implementation 1.1.2,Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) HotSpot Implementation 1.1.2 Multitasking,J2ME Content Handler API 1.0,Java Device Test Suite (JDTS),Java Technology for the Wireless Industry (JTWI) (JSR-185),KVM Data Sheet Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP),Security and Trust Services for J2ME (SATSA) (JSR-177),Sun Java Wireless Client,Web Services Specification (JSR 172),
Sun Java Wireless ToolKit

Some good features:-
Small Mobile Device Technologies and Foundation Profile:- A profile for next generation consumer electronic devices.
Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP):- A profile for mobile information devices, such as cellular phones and two-way pagers, and PDAs

Please need some good suggestions on J2ME.
ASAP reply plz.