Hi guys.
I'm not sure i that's the right category for my question, if not maybe someone can move it, sorry 'bout that.

My Question:
I'm currently working on a SUNSpots project. And i'm wondering if it's in general possible to get at runtime the classes(or at least the names of the classes) belonging to a package.

So my scenario:
I got a package ('moves' for example) containig an interface and some classes implementing that interface, e.g. 'MoveRight', 'MoveLeft' etc.
Now i want to know if it's possible to implement a method that just returns me all the names of the classes in the package 'moves'. I saw an example for Java1.5, that worked with the classloader and read all files from a resource (the subdirectory). But afaik there's no way in JavaME to access the classloader.

Anyone got an idea how to solve my problem?

Thanks, greetings