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    Default How to resolve TCP exception

    Hi all,

    Can anybody help me how to resolve the below problem?

    I am trying to read xml file from a link
    as shown below,
    HttpConnection conn = (HttpConnection);
    InputStream InputStream = conn.openInputStream();

    At this line i am getting exception on WTK emulator, TCP open
    at )
    at )
    at )
    at 57)
    at 2)
    at )
    (+8) at MidletPackage.KXmlLinkParser.Parse(+48)
    at MidletPackage.KXmlLinkParser$

    I am using eclipseMe and WTK for emulator.
    Can i read anything from any website using J2ME?
    Are there any settings in WTK to connect to any website from emulator?

    Or if there are security problems when conecting the site, then how to overcome them?

    Please help me?

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    Your firewall is blocking internet connection for wtk. Just disable firewall and it should work.

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