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Introduction to JAXP

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by , 11-28-2011 at 06:14 PM (1971 Views)
If you want to process XML data using applications written in the Java programming language, then JAXP is the best choice. JAXP stands for Java API for XML Processing. I will introduce JAXP in this post.

JAXP can be called an abstraction layer since it does not introduces any new way to parse XML documents nor it provides different way of handling XML documents. Actually it makes using DOM and SAX easier. Using JAXP, you may habdle vendor-specific tasks that may arise when dealing with DOM and SAX APIs,

JAXP also supports the XSLT (XML Stylesheet Language Transformations), which means that you can control the presentation of the data. Talking about namespace support, JAXP supports namespaces as well and thus allows you to work with schemas that might otherwise have naming conflicts.

You may use any XML-compliant parser from within your application since JAXP is flexible. JAXP provides pluggability layer which allows you to plug in an implementation of the SAX or DOM APIs. This pluggability layer helps you to plug in an XSL processor, which means that you can transform XML data in a variety of ways.

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