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Maven (intro)

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by , 11-22-2011 at 06:02 PM (2097 Views)
Maven is a software project management tool, based on project object model. It aims at reducing the load of developer by making in software build process simple and faster.

Following are worth mentioning features of Maven:

- Provides a uniform build system
- Provides quality project information
- Provides guidelines for best practices development
- Allows transparent migration to new features

When to use Maven is an interesting question. If you have a complex software underdevelopment, that has a lot of classes in different packages, and there exists dependencies between the classes, then
use Maven.

Maven can do the following:
- code compiling
- Javadoc documentation
- runs unit tests.
- runs source code metrics and analysis
- creates a report detailing violations of your team's coding standards
- create a report of the most recent CVS commits and CVS activity, pivoted by file and developer
- also create HTML cross-referenced source code, and more

You can download Maven from:

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