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Subversion (intro)

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by , 11-22-2011 at 06:45 PM (1060 Views)
Subversion is a centralized system for sharing information. It comprises of a repository, which is a central store of data. The repository stores information in the form of a file system. Clients can connect to this repository, and can read or write to these files. When a client writes data, it actually makes the information available to others; and when a client reads the data, it actually receives information from others. Its a typical client server system which uses version model.

One would say that we can use a server with a shared drive where uses can share the files. But this idea will not enable collaborative editing and sharing of data. A typical Subversion system will help you compare and contrast existing version control systems.

Subversion uses lock-modify-unlock model to avoid problems that exist in simple file sharing techniques. following figure shows how this is done.

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