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Subclipse - Checkout

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by , 05-25-2011 at 11:02 AM (3750 Views)
Subclipse is a popular SVN plugin for Eclipse. This post is about how to do checkout using Subclipse.

You will check out code from the trunk or branch of a project. First configure your repositories. Open the SVN Repository Perspective and then open the contents of the repository where your project is located. Locate the trunk/ or branch/ directory in the project and right-click the trunk/ directory or branch/ directory, and choose Checkout from the context-menu. You will be see a checkout dialog asking for the name of the project you want to use when it is checked out into your workspace. Use the wizard, you will have a choice to specify which type of project you are checking out (unless that information is already found in the directory you are checking out).

Normally you would not want to use the default name presented for the project. It is more likely to use the name of the project whose trunk/branch you are checking out. Modify the dialog appropriately.

Now click the Finish button to check out into your Eclipse workspace. Should you need for some reason to check out the code into a different location, click the Next button to specify. The code will be checked out of the repository into your workspace or other location, if you so specified.

Checkout is one of the most common operation you would use with SVN. Itís really simple and easy as presented. Checkout can be done manually using SVN command as well.

Checking out a project to local working directory on windows is done using svn checkout command is done as follows:

Java Code:
 svn checkout file:///d:/repository_name/project/trunk project

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