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ANT Targets and Tasks

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by , 11-19-2011 at 05:39 PM (776 Views)
In this post, I will talk about ANT targets and tasks.

Each buildfile contains at least one target within the project. One target can be dependent upon the another target.
Java Code:
<target name="A">
<target name="B" depends="A">
<target name="C" depends="B">
<target name="D" depends="C">
<target name="E" depends="D,C,B,A">
Suppose you want to execute target E, which depends upon D, C, B and A
D depends on C
C depends on B
B depends on A
First A is executed, then B, then C, then D and in the end E


Targets consists of tasks. It is a piece of code that can be executed. A task can have several attributes. The value of an attribute might contain references to a property. These references will be resolved before the task is executed.

Tasks have a common structure:
Java Code:
    <name attribute1="value1" attribute2="value2">
where name is the name of the task, attributeN is the attribute name, and valueN is the value for this attribute.

There are built-in tasks as well as optional tasks. You can also write your own tasks.

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