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hibernate.connection.rele ase_mode

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by , 05-25-2011 at 09:49 AM (2326 Views)
Hibernate JDBC/Connection's property hibernate.connection.release_mode is used to specify when Hibernate should release JDBC connections.

A JDBC connection is held until the session is explicitly closed or disconnected by default. For a JTA datasource, one should use after_statement to aggressively release connections after every JDBC call. And for a non-JTA connection, it often makes sense to release the connection at the end of each transaction. will
choose after_statement for the JTA and CMT transaction strategies and afte_transaction for the JDBC transaction strategy.

auto (default) | on_close | after_transaction | after_statement
These setting only affects Sessions returned from SessionFactory.openSession. If you are getting session through SessionFactory.getCurrentSession, the CurrentSessionContext implementation configured for use controls the connection release mode for those Sessions.

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