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Plugin project - Build configuration page

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by , 11-17-2011 at 07:02 PM (1386 Views)
The Build Configuration page contains all the information needed to build, package and export the plug-in. It appears as a page in the plug-in manifest editor, but note that changes made to it will be written by PDE to the file of the plug-in. This file solely guides the build process.

The Runtime Information section lists all the libraries that you want to build. For each library, you must list the source folder(s) that will be compiled into the library.

If your plug-in declares more than one library, order them correctly using the Up and Down button, so that they get compiled in the correct order.

The Binary Build section is where you select all the files and folders that will make it into the packaged plug-in. In this example, you will see that we only want to the plugin.xml file, icons folder and the xyz.jar to end up in the packaged plug-in.

The Source Build section has a specialized purpose and is not commonly used or needed by the general population. It is needed only when you are shipping source in separate plug-ins and features than the binary plug-ins.

If the libraries you want to build include libraries that are NOT listed on the Runtime page, and you need extra libraries on the build path for them to compile, you can add these required JARs in the Extra Classpath Entries section.

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