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Viewing Outline of a Class

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by , 11-14-2011 at 06:20 PM (1203 Views)
Eclipse includes a useful feature called outline. It helps the developer to get a birds eyes view of the class. In this post, I will explore it.

You can display outline panel of your class by Navigate > Show in > Outline.

Eclipse Outline

Outline will show all the methods and fields in the class. It used special symbols for private, public, static fields and methods.

The outline panel also provides options like Sorting, Hiding/Displaying the fields, Hiding/Displaying static the fields/methods, Hiding/Displaying pubic members etc. On clicking the field or method in the outline panel, the respected field/method is outlines in the class.

Surely the outline panel in Eclipse provides aid to the programmers and should be used which coding.

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