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in.use file

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by , 11-07-2011 at 07:17 PM (917 Views)
A lot of J2ME developers face problems when running multiple instance of Nokia Wireless Toolkit emulators. Some of the problems are linked with in.use file. This post is all about that.

When your run the emulator, a file named in.use is created in the emulatorís root directory with will be something like:


This file is removed when the emulator shuts down.

This emulatorís default directory will also contain folders like filesystem and pim. The record store files (with .db extensions) are also present in the mentioned directory. While your emulator is running, you may want to run another instance of emulator. This makes sense if you are testing some thing. In that case, your emulator may not be able to use the default folder which contains the filesystem, pim and record stores that you wish to use. A temporary folder with temporary resources is created to serve the need. This in only because in.use file is present in the default path which is:

Sometimes due to some error or due to improper shutdown of the emulator, the in.use file is not removed form the emulatorís root directory. This prevents you from using the emulatorís default resources. You then have to remove in.use your self.

Hope this helps.

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