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Open Resource Window

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by , 11-07-2011 at 07:08 PM (1153 Views)
Eclipse provides a window called ‘Open Resource’ window to locate the required files in no time.

You can find it under the Navigate. Its shortcut is Ctrl+Shift+R. ‘Open Resource’ window allows you to type a search for any file that exists in your workspace. You are free to use wildcards like ? to replace a single character or * to replace an entire string. It is amazingly fast and useful.
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Let me present a use case. Consider that you are working on a complex project for a long time. You know most of Java classes, xml files, and properties in your project. But to locate for a file, digging through the folder structure in the Navigator and Project Explorer views can be time consuming and annoying. That’s the situation to use ‘Open Resource’ window.

Hope this helps.

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