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JBoss directory structure

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by , 11-06-2011 at 06:45 PM (3080 Views)
You should be knowing the directory structure of JBoss server, in order to work efficiently with JBoss. I will target the directory structure in this post.

The jboss-4.0.2 directory contains following sub-directories:

Contains startup and shutdown scripts.

Client folder contains configuration and JAR files that are required by Java client application or an external web container.

The XML DTDs used in JBoss for reference are contained in docs folder. For example: JCA (Java Connector Architecture) configuration files for setting up datasources for different databases (such as MySQL, Oracle, Postgres).

This folder is not to add our own JAR files. It only contains JARs required by the JBoss microkernel.

Contains different server configuration. To select a particular configuration, run command is used with-c .

Letís understand the purpose of each folder in server directory (..\jboss-4.2.2.GA\server\default).

It contains configuration files like jboss-service.xml file which specifies the core services.

Holds persistent data for services intended to survive a server restart. Serveral JBoss services,
such as the embedded Hypersonic database instance, store data there.

It contains the hot-deployable services. Hot-deployable services are those which can be added to or removed while the server is still running. It is important to know that you can deploy your application in JAR, WAR and EAR form in the deploy directory. This directory is constantly
scanned for updates, and any modified components will be re-deployed automatically.

All the JAR files that are needed for server configuration are placed here. For instance JARs for JDBC drivers, log4j etc.

All the log files are placed here. JBoss uses the Jakarta log4j package for logging.

It is used fortemporary storage by JBoss services. The deployer expands application archives in this directory.

Used by Tomcat for compilation of JSPs.

The server directory contains 3 folders with different configuring settings.


Each of these will have conf, deploy, lib and some other folders. If you run the server, few more folders will be created like data, temp, log and work.

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