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Creating J2ME MIDlet Project

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by , 11-03-2011 at 07:31 PM (1670 Views)
Many guys who are new to mobile application development often question: “Does Eclipse support MIDlet development?”. Yes it does. In the next few posts, I will explain how you can create a J2ME project in Eclipse.

To cleate a EclipseME project, we should use the New Project Wizard and select J2ME Midlet Suite from within the J2ME item.

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You will then see a wizard pane which is actually the standard for almost all Eclipse projects. You must have gone through that if you have worked in Eclipse. You will provide the name of the project and the location for the project contents.

Then you will be taken to second pane where you choose which of the available device definitions you will use for compiling the project and for running and debugging. You may change these setting later using the Project Properties.

You also provide default location for the project's JAD file on this page which may be changed later as well. Remember: The JAD file should be created relative to the project's root folder. Yes, you may later change the JAD file within the Package Explorer.

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We have gone through the first 2 panes of the MIDlet development wizard. Now lets see what is the final pane all about.

The final pane is there to adjust source settings, related projects and libraries, etc. These are standard Eclipse settings. Add the JAR file(s) to the list on the "Libraries" tab if your J2ME project required some other libraries. EclipseME will automatically manage these JAR files along with your compiled class files.

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Once all steps are done, you will have a project that looks like this in your workspace:

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