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Sample JSF page

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by , 11-02-2011 at 07:17 PM (1700 Views)
Creating JSF page is simple and easy. There are few things to remember which I will list down.

The page must include JSF tag library and HTML and core tags.

All the JSF tags must enclosed between a set of view tag.
Use JSF form and form component tags.
Use h:input_text and not input type=text
Use h:command_button and not input type=submit

A page may include validators and event listeners on any form components

For example:

<f:form formname="logonForm">
<h:panel_grid columns="2">
<h:output_text value="Username:/">
<h:input_text id="username" length="16" valueref="logonBean.username/">
<h:output_text value="Password:/">
<h:input_secret id="password" length="16" valueref="logonBean.password/">
<h:command_button type="submit" actionref="logonBean.logon/">
<h:command_button type="reset" label="Reset/">

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