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Tunning Eclipse

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by , 11-02-2011 at 07:15 PM (1061 Views)
Sometimes you might feel that your Eclipse is sluggish and performance tuning is required. I will address this issue in this post.

Implement the following for better performance:

- Increase your min/max memory settings from 40/256 to 256/512 or higher. You might have to experiment with the min/max setting but increasing the initial memory heap to 128 when Eclipse starts should help.

- Disabling the code folding feature also helps. To disable this, go to Eclipse > Preferences > Java > Editor > Folding and uncheck "Enable Folding" checkbox.

- Disabling the Code Assist Auto-Activation also improved the performance. This means no more code assist popups when you type "." to invoke a list of class method/properties. Go to Eclipse > Preferences > Java > Editor > Code Assist and uncheck Auto-Activation checkbox.

- If you are using MyEclipse's plugins you might consider disabling (temporarily until you get more memory) it's many validators Eclipse > Preferences > MyEclipse > Validation. The DTD, HTML, JSP, XML validators all use up memory and can slow the system down.

I hope this helps.

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