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Log method entry and exit

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by , 10-30-2011 at 06:39 PM (2440 Views)
The typical approach we use in Java is given below:

Java Code:
public String myMethod(String param)


  if (LOG.isDebugEnabled())

    LOG.debug("myMethod(" + param + ")");


String result = // . . .

if (LOG.isDebugEnabled())

  LOG.debug("myMethod() returns " + result);

return result;


This will work but it doesn't do a consistent job when a method has multiple return points. It also creates many more branch points within the code. Finally, it doesn't report on exceptions thrown from within the method.

HiveMind provides a better approach to this. Let HiveMind add a logging interceptor to your service. It will consistently log method entry and exit, and log any exceptions thrown by the method.

The following descriptor snippet defines a service, provides a core service implementation (using <create-instance>), and adds method logging (using <interceptor>):</interceptor></create-instance>

<service-point id="MyService" interface="com.myco.MyServiceInterface">

<create-instance class="com.myco.impl.MyServiceImpl">

<interceptor service-id="hivemind.LoggingInterceptor"></interceptor>


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