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Logical Operators

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by , 10-30-2011 at 06:08 PM (771 Views)
Following are logical operators that one can use in Java programming.

! Is not…
^ Exclusive Or…
| Or… (bitwise)
& And… (bitwise)
|| Or… (short cut, see &&)
&& And

In this Java programming tutorial, I will code And, Or and Not operators as they are commonly used.

Java Code:
int a= 15;
int b = 25;
if(a<10 || b>10)
System.out.println("Entered: Java Programming Tutorial");
System.out.println("Not Entered: Java Programming Tutorial");

Entered: Java Programming Tutorial

In the given example, first condition is false as a is less than 10 but second condition is true as b is greater than 10. So if condition as a whole is true and we get the output:

Entered: Java Programming Tutorial

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