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Thread: Problem with running a while loop triggered by a boolean

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    Question Problem with running a while loop triggered by a boolean

    Hello! I'm trying to make a slot machine using NetBeans (I'm also very new to Java), with a Swing GUI Jframe form. I've got the essence of the game and visuals down, but I'd like for some advanced visuals. I'm trying to get four different text fields, which represent the slots, rapidly switch between different images to give the illusion of the slot machine spinning after the Spin button is pressed.

    Problem with running a while loop triggered by a boolean-capture-design-circle.png

    Here are the slots, circled in red. The slots are represented by letters of a special font, where each image is a letter (the circle is A, the square B, the triangle C, and the diamond D).

    I have the String array slots, String[] slots = {"A", "B", "C", "D"}
    Boolean value Spinning, which is set to true once the button Spin is actionPerformed (and later set to false in the actionPerformed)

    When the Spin button is pushed, I set the boolean Spinning to true, which should prompt a (while) loop (while (Spinning == true)), where each text field is setText to a random value from slots. I'm using Thread.sleep(100) as my waiting period between each iteration of the loop.

    So where do I put this while loop? I can't put it in the actionPerformed of the button, and I can't put it in the main arguments (static argument error), and putting it anywhere else gives me an error.

    Thanks and please let me know if you need any more information!

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    Default Re: Problem with running a while loop triggered by a boolean

    Funny how questions come in batches. Like this person:

    you should be looking into using a Swing timer rather than trying to roll your own solution.
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