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    Default Fixed rowtype in DefaultTableModel or other class?

    Dear Experts,

    Most of my background is in the database area, and
    lately, I've been looking at the DefaultTableModel.

    This is a good simple example.
    All the data in the example is String.
    Create DefaultTableModel : JTable Model¬*¬ę¬*Swing¬*¬ę¬*Java Tutorial

    I want to have a standard row, that has columns of a set datatype.

    So, the data in column 1 would always be say, String.
    And data in column 2 would always be integer.
    Data in column 3 would always be Date. Etc.
    Just like in databases. Rigorously enforced.

    My initial thoughts were to first declare a class for a row type.

    public class rowForTable
    { String col1Str = "" ;
    int col2Int = 0 ;
    Date col3theDate = new Date();
    } ;

    Then, during insert, populate with the correct data, and
    insert them into the DefaultTableModel object.


    Looking at the DefaultTableModel docs, this seems to be possible.
    DefaultTableModel (Java Platform SE 7 )

    addRow(Object[] rowData)
    Adds a row to the end of the model.

    public void insertRow(int row,
    Vector rowData)


    However, when I look at this example,

    java - Jtable with different types of cells depending on data type - Stack Overflow

    this data changes from row to row.

    private Object[][] data = {
    {"String", "I'm a string"},
    {"Date", new Date()},
    {"Integer", new Integer(123)},
    {"Double", new Double(123.45)},
    {"Boolean", Boolean.TRUE}};


    Is it possible to do what I'm thinking with the DefaultTableModel?
    Or, is there perhaps a better class to do what I'm thinking of?

    Does anyone know of a simple example they can refer me to?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Default Re: Fixed rowtype in DefaultTableModel or other class?

    If you've got a model class that represents your data you should be able to write your own TableModel (off AbstractTableModel, to avoid all the listener stuff) to simply deal with a List<YourModel>.
    Please do not ask for code as refusal often offends.

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