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    Exclamation Problem with all the GUI of java

    I designed a GUI with AWT/SWING but when i built the project and I executed the jar, the labels of the buttons and some other jLabels were not showing completely. I thought that it was because of something I did wrong. Between the things I did to correct this problem I opened the java control panel and to my surprise, I got the same problem in the java control panel. Here some of the printscreen of what is happening.

    Problem with all the GUI of java-problem-java.jpg

    As you can see, the labels of the buttons are incomplete and when any java program is running, it would seem like the labels are blinking...

    I have been searching but I cannot find nothing related to this problem..

    please help!!

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    Default Re: Problem with all the GUI of java

    Could be a problem with your computer's graphics drivers. Try reducing hardware acceleration.

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