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Thread: questions on Jframe cordinate system and aspect ratio handeling

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    Default questions on Jframe cordinate system and aspect ratio handeling

    hello guys! I've got a game, and in that game I have pngs and Jpegs and all that jazz.

    Now when these guys are put up on screen , they are scaled to the aspect ration of the computer I am working on currently. EX:

    buffergraphics.drawImage(image,xcord,ycord, 50, 50, null);

    course on some other screens, this may look really weird.

    so , given that the Dimensions method thingy will get you the size of the current window you can find the aspect ratio and adjust.

    so if the original window (they way I want it to look) Was 1000x1000 and the new window is 1000x500 I can simply go :

    Dimensions current = new Dimensions(); (whatever the line is, pseudo code man!)

    double Yratio = current.y/1000 (original Y value) ; // this is equal to 500/1000 which = 0.5
    double Xratio = current.x / 1000 (orginal X value) ; // this is equal to 1000/100 which = 1.0

    buffergraphics.drawImage(image,xcord,ycord, 50 * Yratio, 50 * Xratio, null);

    now here is my questions

    a) does this work? can the Jframe system take doubles? if the ratio was persay 0.324 and the output 22.58, will it round it? take it? crash?
    b) Should I use this ratio system? which will allow any aspect ratio as the user drags the window larger or smaller, or should I use a preset group of ratios which can be selected? (Like a video game)

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    Default Re: questions on Jframe cordinate system and aspect ratio handeling

    A JFrame doesn't draw anything; it's a container with a border, title line and a few buttons in the top right corner; it uses a content pane that does the drawing stuff (it's a JComponent). You can (and often have to) override its paintComponent( ... ) method that uses a Graphics object that can do the actual drawing; to complicate matters even further, such a Graphics object actually is a Graphics2D object that can scale whatever it has to draw. Read the API documentation for the Graphics2D class and see how it can handle scaling.

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