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    Default Problem with g.drawImage

    Hi, I was doing an application to paint a simple flag.. On my part A, I was able to draw a flag. Unfortunately on Part B, it seems that I was still able to retrieve the correct values but the g.drawImage(img, 0, 0, null) line does not display the component I'm trying to display.

    I'm also having problems with jPanel_DrawingArea.repaint() as it does not display the drawing immediately, so I changed it to jPanel_DrawingArea.paintImmediately(iX, iY, iWidth, iHeight). But the paintImmediately() method does not display the desired output. I have attached the FLAGS.txt file.

    Can anyone help me please?? Badly needed it..
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    Default Re: Problem with g.drawImage

    Please post your code using the [CODE] [/ CODE] tags. Some of the people on this forum may not have the ability to download file, so we would appreciate it if you put these files in your post. Thank you

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