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    Default Calling Event Listener


    I have a question about how to call event listener from my own created method. Problem is that i have got listener for changing value on JSlider:

    Java Code:
    private void SliderDragged(java.awt.event.MouseEvent evt){creating new BasicStroke()}
    and then i have my own method for example callSliderDragged() where i need to call Event listener above.

    I have got 4 sliders which use same event listener SliderDragged - they change arguments for creating BasicStroke. BasicStroke also needs argument for dash sometimes and this can be load from jTextField's. So if value in jTextField is changed then i need to call SliderDragged. I know this could be done with common method but i am just interested if it is possible this way. Thank you all.
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    Default Re: Calling Event Listener

    Instead of thinking about calling a listener method without triggering the listener, write a separate method and call that both from the listener and elsewhere.

    Also, learn to follow Java coding conventions: method names start with a lowercase letter.

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