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    Post Why my JTree always collasped after refreshing?

    I have been spending whole day trying to figure out why my JTree always collasped after refreshing, but I haven't got any fruit.

    I have a Tree and it is collasped in the beginning, and I can expand and do some work(adding nodes or deleting nodes - no problem)
    But there is a button which validates the tree, and if a node has problem, its background changes which part is working Okay.
    but the tree always goes back to collasped(original state)

    I tried every methods that I searched, but nothing is working.

    Below is the codes..

    Java Code:
    private void validateManifest() {
           	CP_EditorHandler.checkManifestErrors(_contentPackage, false);
            ManifestTree manifestTree = _manifestPanel.getManifestTree();
    	// get the selected node before updating
            ManifestTreeNode selectedNode = (ManifestTreeNode) manifestTree.getSelectedNode();
    	// get the selected path before updating
            TreePath selectedPath = (TreePath) manifestTree.getSelectionPath();
    	// below code is the part that recreates nodes of the tree and updates nodes' background
    	// I set below code to expand to selected path
    	// I even added this code to make it sure
            manifestTree.setExpandedState(selectedPath, true);
    I even added addTreeWillExpandListener in the tree constructor, but it doesn't work either.

    Java Code:
      	  (new TreeWillExpandListener() {
      	    public void treeWillExpand(TreeExpansionEvent e) { }
      	    public void treeWillCollapse(TreeExpansionEvent e)
      	         throws ExpandVetoException {
      	     throw new ExpandVetoException(e, "you can't collapse this JTree");
    What did I do wrong or what should I do to make it work?

    I really appreciate your help.

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    Java Code:
    import java.awt.*;
    import java.util.Enumeration;
    import javax.swing.*;
    import javax.swing.tree.*;
    public class TreeExpansionTest {
        private JScrollPane getContent() {
            JTree tree = new JTree();
            expand(tree, tree.getPathForRow(0));
            return new JScrollPane(tree);
        private void expand(JTree tree, TreePath path) {
            TreeNode node = (TreeNode)path.getLastPathComponent();
            if (node.getChildCount() > 0) {
                Enumeration e = node.children();
                while(e.hasMoreElements()) {
                    TreeNode n = (TreeNode)e.nextElement();
                    expand(tree, path.pathByAddingChild(n));
        public static void main(String[] args) {
            JFrame f = new JFrame();
            f.add(new TreeExpansionTest().getContent());

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    Now I got it work thanks to your codes sample.
    Thanks a lot!!

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