Yes, it's that age old question again - 'I can't see my scrollpane, does anyone know why?' I had this problem before, and now it's back again and nothing I've tried will fizx it. Code:

Java Code:
private class ExampleMouseAdapter extends MouseAdapter {
		public void mouseClicked(MouseEvent event) {
			// Actions taken when click on board button
			if (SwingUtilities.isLeftMouseButton(event)) {
				// Show results up to that stage
				// clicked on text field
				// want to execute query up to that point
				// get the array text field is from and the position within array
				JTextField clicked = (JTextField)event.getSource();
                                                                JTable table = Table.printData(x.c);
				JScrollPane s = new JScrollPane(table);
				s.setBounds(44, 503, 253, 262);
                                                                // frame has been created earlier, I just want the scrollpane to appear when I click something
Any help would be muchly appreciated!