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    Default Jave Cursor

    I would like to declare that the question I post might be asked before, but I don't know how should I search for my question.

    I have a JLabel, when my cursor moved to the JLabel, I want it to become like this:

    Jave Cursor-1.png
    Jave Cursor-2.png

    I've tried this but the result doesn't shows what I expected:

    Java Code:
    		lblRefrenceImage.addMouseMotionListener(new MouseMotionAdapter() {
    			public void mouseMoved(MouseEvent arg0) {
    Helps appreciated and please lead me if there is similar post. =)

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    Default Re: Jave Cursor

    What you want is not really a cursor but simply cross hairs within the panel. To do that you probably would have to intercept mouse events and then draw horizontal and diagonal lines. If there are other, built-in ways to achieve that then others may be able to offer more appropriate help.

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