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    Default Strange behaviour in swing

    Hi folks,
    Today i noticed two strange behaviour in swing.
    Case 1: Normally for every key events we used to get one keyPress and one keyRelease events.But this is not of the case with PrintScreen key. I tested this behaviour on the JNLP file used in java tutorial at this link itself.

    Question: Why only PrintScreen has this kind of event associated with it?

    Case 2: One more thing is that whenever we create a JMenu component on the JFrame we are able to access this menu by Left-Clicking on the JMenu component but accidentally i made a right click on the JMenu and that too populates the JMenu.

    Question: How can i restrict Right-Clicking on the JMenu Component?

    Image for your reference
    1.JNLP file under my PC

    Can anybody help????:eek::eek::eek:
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    How can i restrict Right-Clicking on the JMenu Component?
    SwingUtilities has handy methods such as isRightMouseButton

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