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    Default Label for JSlider

    Hi everyone,

    Is it possible to put the label just above the slider rather than below it? How can it be done?

    Or just put something like a title on the leftmost corner just above the slider?

    Thank you very much for your time :)
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    Default Re: Label for JSlider

    All of that is possible. What have you tried?
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    Default Re: Label for JSlider

    Hi Kevin,
    I have tried to customize the label for JSlider,for example
    Java Code:
    //slider setting
    		int FPS_MIN = 0;
    		int FPS_MAX = 100;
    		int FPS_INIT = 0;  
    		JSlider slider1 = new JSlider(JSlider.HORIZONTAL,FPS_MIN, FPS_MAX, FPS_INIT);
    		//set customized Tick Table
    //		Hashtable labelTable = new Hashtable();
    //		JLabel scale1=new JLabel("Überhaupt nicht");
    //		scale1.setForeground(Color.WHITE);
    //		scale1.setFont(Global.font3);
    //		JLabel scale2=new JLabel("sehr stark");
    //		scale2.setForeground(Color.WHITE);
    //		scale2.setFont(Global.font3);
    //		labelTable.put(new Integer(FPS_MIN), scale1);
    //		labelTable.put(new Integer(FPS_MAX), scale2);
    //		slider1.setLabelTable(labelTable);
    //		slider1.setPaintLabels(true);
    but there is no clue for a label above the slider or a title, either in SUN tutorial or google search engine.
    It will be so great that you can give some clues. The task is quite urgent. So I might have no time to learn slowly from scratch. Thank you.

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