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    Post Dynamic Jlabel display

    Hi all,
    I'm new to swings, I'm stuck in displaying a label dynamically. Let me explain what my application do.

    Its more like a form which is filled with some text fields, image selector and drop Downs lists. User fills in all the details and clicks on submit button then a message i.e a label has to be displayed at the top of the form, "Your request is being processed. Please wait......" .
    Then a backend execution comes in and after execution I need to clear it out.

    Problem here is I am able to see the label only after the control comes back from backend process instead of displaying it immediately on click of submit button.

    I tried repainting and validating the parent frame as well as the panel nothing worked out.

    Please help me out.

    Thanks in advance and appreciate your help on this.

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    Default Re: Dynamic Jlabel display

    You are probably blocking the Swing Event Dispatch Thread by running your backend process on it, for example by putting the code inside a button action handler. Whatever backend process you are executing should be done on a separate thread you create yourself.
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