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    Default Repaint panel after open saved serialized array


    so i saved a serialized .txt file of my drawingpanel, which is covered in car objects drawn by mousepressed and their colors depend on which jradiobutton is selected uptop.

    once i save the file, and i can also open it up, how do i repaint the panel in regards to how the file has saved it. do i have to return the array, or what?

    if need to see code, ill post, but more looking for an idea to go with. already have everything as far as code up to this point.

    thank you so much in advance

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    please post code I have no idea of what your trying to do. I know what your saying makes since in your head, now you have to try and explain it to people that have no idea what your talking about. Try to explain your problem like you would try to tell a story to someone you just woke up. You wouldn't wake them up and just start telling them the story. You would tell the setting and some background information first.

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