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    Default refresh JPanel

    Hello, everybody!
    I am here struggling with refreshing a JPanel (ep5) that is inside another JPanel (p3) that is being added to the JFrame in the program.

    ep5 is created separately (and is reading some data from a text file). Then after I click either of the buttons the account is added or deleted to this text file. So the buttons are working perfectly fine. But when I try to revalidate the JPanel nothing happens. I have tried everything by now, so I would really appreciate it if someone helped, cuz i feel it somewhere close but I am just stuck there one step away.
    Here is how the panels p3 and ep5 are created, and since p3 is not finished yet, then I really need to only refresh ep5.
    Java Code:
    ep5=new ThirdPanelA();    
    So, I need to revalidate a JPanel inside another JPanel.

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!! I am really desperate right now.

    P.S. The panel ep5 is not being painted. It is just reading data from text file, and generates it using GridLayout.
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