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Thread: Hello everyone

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    Default Hello everyone

    I need to open a text file on a button click....can anyone suggest some code to be written in action performed event??? It'll be of gr8 help to me....
    thankz in advance

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    Default Re: Hello everyone

    To "open a file" is very abstract. Do you open it for reading? Do you want to copy it? Do you want to display it in a component? Do you want to perform some operations on it?
    Anyway, start here:

    Then ask the question again, but with a little more detail so we know what you're trying to achieve.

    Then a few helpful hints:
    - Make a proper subject. Anyone with the same problem as you will most likely not search for "Hello everyone"
    - This is not a Netbeans problem. Do not post this in the Netbeans section then. It could be that you are *using* NB, but that doesn't make the problem NB related.
    - Post the code you have so far. Nobody is doing your (home)work for you.

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