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    Default jTable without use of Database

    I'm thinking of using jTable but I don't know the syntaxes of it. Definitely when I want to use variables.
    I'm currently using jFrame Form.

    How do I actually add or subtract the contents of my 'stocks' with variables?

    Do I use the codes Fire Data Change Events like fireTableCellUpdated or fireTableRowsUpdated?
    I'm really confused.

    jTable without use of Database-4675d1363755326t-help-how-manipulate-jtable-temp.jpg

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    Default Re: jTable without use of Database

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    Default Re: jTable without use of Database

    Moved from Advanced Java. This is in no way an advanced question either.

    daemon05, please go through the Forum Rules, particularly the second paragraph. As you can see, you got the same answer in both threads you started, thus wasting the time of the members who voluntarily try to help others here. That is not appreciated.

    This thread is being closed as a duplicate of


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