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    Question Copy paste functionality in AWT Canvas

    We have created java applet using AWT Canvas. Only text has been displayed in this canvas. Now we want to give copy paste functionality in this applet.
    Please guide us how we can achieve this functionality.
    Please reply ASAP as it is very much required functionality.

    Ayaz Shaikh

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    Default Re: Copy paste functionality in AWT Canvas

    I deleted your duplicate post in the Applets forum, but you've still crossposted this on other sites: Copy paste functionality in AWT Canvas

    Please read the link in my signature on asking questions the smart way, especially the bits about crossposting, asking specific questions, and not mentioning the urgency of your request.
    How to Ask Questions the Smart Way
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    Default Re: Copy paste functionality in AWT Canvas

    Why on earth would you want to use AWT Canvas, which was superseded by Swing JComponent/JPanel more than 10 years ago?

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