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    Default Display error message for JSlider

    Hi, I have create a Java app using BlueJ, in which you can change the size of a selected shape using a JSlider. One of the shapes to choose from is just a 'point', the size of a pixel, whose size i do not want to be changed.

    I am trying to get an error message to display when the 'point' shape is selected and the user tries to change the size using the JSlider. The code I have got is shown below. The problem I have is that the error message is displayed loads of times in the terminal window if you drag the slider a large amount, it is displayed for each time the slider changes by 1, if that makes sense. Is there any way I can get the error message to display just once no matter how far the slider has moved?

    //When the slider is moved the following method will be called
    public void stateChanged(ChangeEvent e) {

    //Rewrite the label reflecting the new value of the slider
    label.setText("Size: " + adjustsize.getValue() + " pixels");

    //Change size of shape when slider is moved
    adjustsize = (JSlider)e.getSource();

    newSize = adjustsize.getValue();

    //If Point shape is selected display error message
    if (aShape == firstPoint) {

    System.out.println("You can't resize a point");

    //Repaint the window to reflect the updates made



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    Default Re: Display error message for JSlider

    Thread moved from New to Java. Also, please go through and BB Code List - Java Programming Forum - Learn Java Programming and edit your post accordingly.

    Quote Originally Posted by daft_punk01 View Post
    I am trying to get an error message to display when the 'point' shape is selected and the user tries to change the size using the JSlider.
    I would hate to be a user of such an application. The common programming idiom is to disable a GUI control that it isn't right to use.

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