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    Default Displaying 'pop up' messages from icon

    Hello, i dont know how to form a correct question, so ill just say what i currently have and what i want to do, hopefully someone will understand what im saying and help me out..

    Ok, so i have a program, witch has a table with time values (example - 2012-12-11 19:45:33), andthis program can be minimized. When its minimized an icon appears in the system tray place near the clock:

    What i want - when that time value from the table is equal to the time of my clock - it would display a popup message, something like this:

    How can i do this? what do i need to google for?

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    Default Re: Displaying 'pop up' messages from icon

    Look at the TrayIcon class.
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    Default Re: Displaying 'pop up' messages from icon

    Moved from New to Java

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