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    Default gui application help

    Nvm, I found out solution.
    Thanks for answer.
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    Default Re: gui application help

    Quote Originally Posted by dicehunter View Post
    Hi there,

    I am Alex from Austria, student of the Faculty of Sciences, first grade. This is my first time programming in Java. I have been programming something little in Pascal, some math functions.
    Hello and welcome to the Java forums!

    To be honest, my proffesor isn't that perfect,
    No professor is but regardless, most of your education will be self taught in college and especially out of college, so the sooner that you get into it and learn to do it well, the better off you'll be.

    and I as well never liked to write long codes and this kind a stuffs, reason might be, because I am a bit slow in typing, but who cares, let's get back to the topic.
    This too will get better with practice.

    You might have already seen at a glance, what's that about, ok so what's the problem?
    I stuck at coding, to be exact, I don't know to handle with all methods from this classes, second problem is that in our books it's not written understandably and third problem I have four days left plus these incomming holidays , so that is the main reason why I came here....
    These are your issues not ours. I mention this so you'll know that this information will likely not affect what help you do or don't get on these and other forums.


    So please, could you write me with comments inside code what other methods I need inside, like "here you will write // public void conjunctionOperation(), public void Disjunction.."...
    The methods you will need will depend on the functionality that you need, and is something you will have to figure out since only you know exactly what functionality is lacking.

    My experience here is that you'll likely get the best answers if you ask very specific questions. So better to try to think of what you may need, start working on it, and then show us your code if you get stuck and explain in detail how it's not working.
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