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Thread: Project Easy For You - Cycles

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    Default Project Easy For You - Cycles

    could anyone help me with my homework please? Please write here Java code for this:

    That's cycle - DIAMOND
    Users will put some N > 0 and it will write this:

    Project Easy For You - Cycles-koso.jpg

    Thank you for quick feedback :) I am really confused

    P.S. : I'm apologizing to you for my bad english :)


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    Default Re: Project Easy For You - Cycles

    Surely you don't want someone to steel the fun of this challenge...and in fact doing so would be cheating anyway. So, do you have a particular question related to your attempt? What exactly have you tried? Where exactly are you stuck?
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    Default Re: Project Easy For You - Cycles

    I second what doWhile has to say. Also, please don't ask others to write code for you. That is unethical and not appreciated on this site.
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