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Thread: Java Swing CSS

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    Default Java Swing CSS

    I'm not a swing expert, I'm mainly from web platform. So in web, one of the very important aspect is CSS. Moreover, overriding CSS and cascading CSS make it even more powerful. Forget about CSS attributes, do you think people working with swing need something like this for setting layout attributes for component in a swing interface. For e.g. a JLabel and JTextField both have the concept of font, so it possible to make them retrieve the information from the same source.

    There may be an existing tool like this which I don't know, if there is none currently, i'll surely try to come up with one and make it open source

    so, what do you think?

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    Default Re: Java Swing CSS

    Why can't you just store whatever font you want in a variable, then set the font of each to that?
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    Default Re: Java Swing CSS

    I'd typed out an answer when this caught my attention: Java CSS in Swing - Stack Overflow

    Now if you had told us that the question was cross posted, I might have reconsidered.

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    Default Re: Java Swing CSS

    It is possible...
    I have an article that explains how to do it , but it,s in persian langueg!

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