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    Default Drag and drop of multiple elements of a node in a Tree

    I am trying to search for getting information about drag and drop of multiple selected nodes in JTree. Now I am able to select and drag a single element of a tree. Also I am able to select multiple elements of a tree but I am unable to drag and drop those selected elemetnts to a new location.
    Can anyone suggest me a solution to this?

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    Look at the last code post (using TransferHandlers) in DND from JTree to JTable for some ideas.

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    As I've been researching the Internet to solve my problem regarding to "drag and drop of multiple selected nodes in JTree",
    I found you had the exact same problem with me when I read your posting on this Java forums.

    So did you solve the problem?
    If so, would you be so kind to help me?
    I'm sorry but sharing the codes would be so appreciated.


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