Hello everybody!!! i'm new here..i hope you can understand me what's my proble from many times!!!

I have created one program with Jlist database and JCombobox

in my db i have many tables where i can select about JCombobox

in table i have create id (autoincrement), nome, mp3, testo

ok!!! now i write you my code:

i have create create one class and this is code:
Java Code:
class QueryResult {

			private int id;
			public QueryResult(int id) {
				this.id = id;


			public int getId() {
				return id;
			// Custom toString() Method.
			public String toString() {
				return "ID=" + id;
this code is ok!!!!

then i have one method where i call class...and this is code:

Java Code:
public void listShow() {
		list.addMouseListener(new MouseAdapter() { 
		    public void mouseClicked(MouseEvent evt) { 		     
		        if (evt.getClickCount() == 2) { 
		           //HERE THERE IS PROBLEM!!!! show me error!!! but if insert 
                                       //one number it's ok but the program select ony one song and text of there number......
		           QueryResult query = new QueryResult(list.getSelectedValue()); 
	            	try {
	            	catch (Exception exc) {
           			System.out.println("Errore - Driver jdbc non presente: "+ exc.getMessage());
	            	try {			
           			conn = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:mysql://localhost/basi?user=root&password=root");           			
           			stmt = conn.createStatement();
           			String sql = "SELECT base, testo FROM "+ combo2.getSelectedItem()  + " where id="+ query.getId();
           			rs = stmt.executeQuery(sql);
                     while (rs.next()) {                     	 
                       	File file = new File(rs.getString("base"));	                            
                           MediaLocator mrl = new MediaLocator( file.toURI().toURL() );
                           player = Manager.createPlayer(mrl);
                           player.addControllerListener( new EventHandler() );
           				File f = new File(rs.getString("testo"));
           				br = new BufferedReader(new FileReader(f));
           				String st = "";
           	        	while((st=br.readLine()) != null){ 
           	        		if (!st.startsWith(">")) { 
           	        			textArea.append(st + "\n");
           	        			textArea.setFont(new Font("times new roman", Font.BOLD, 30));            	        			
           		catch (Exception exc) {
           			System.out.println("Errore: "+ exc.getMessage());
i hope i write good so you can understand my problem!!! from many days!!!! i can't to go another code.....

help me please!!!!!