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    Unhappy Add if else statement for jcombobox?

    Hi guys, I'm new to java and I have come to a dead end got no idea how to add a if and else statement to combobox.. help?
    private static String[] times = {"Total Time","1 Hour", "45 Minutes", "30 Minutes", "15 Minutes", "7.30 Minutes", "6 Minutes", "3 Minutes"};
    JComboBox times1 = new JComboBox(times);

    How do add if 1 hour is selected, 45 minutes is selected and so on.. please help thanks..

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    Default Re: Add if else statement for jcombobox?

    You don't add it to the JComboBox, you would add it to some listener, perhaps an ActionListener that's listening to the JComboBox or to a JButton. Please do yourself a favor and read the JComboBox tutorial to see how this is done. You won't regret doing this.

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