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    Default JTextArea is hiding drop downs....

    I have a JTextArea, a couple of JComboBoxes, and a JDateChooser in a FormLayout on one of my application tabs. Whenever I choose a date on the JDateChooser the dropdowns from the JComboBoxes or Date Chooser are hidden behind the JTextArea until I switch tabs. Has anyone else experienced this problem, and if so how do I go about fixing it?

    The relevant code is below containing the JDateChooser, a couple other fields, and the comments JTextArea:

    Java Code:
            // date section
            JLabel lblDate = new JLabel("Date");
            lblDate.setFont(new Font("Times New Roman", Font.BOLD, 14));
            p.add(lblDate, "2, 12, right, default");
            Box dateBox = Box.createHorizontalBox();
            p.add(dateBox, "4, 12");
            JDateChooser jc = new JDateChooser();
            jc.setDate(new Date());
            TabOneDateListener todl = new TabOneDateListener();
            //  hours section
            JLabel lblHoursUsed = new JLabel("Hours Used");
            lblHoursUsed.setFont(new Font("Times New Roman", Font.BOLD, 14));
            p.add(lblHoursUsed, "2, 14, right, default");
            spinner = new JSpinner();
            spinner.setFont(new Font("Tahoma", Font.BOLD, 16));
            p.add(spinner, "4, 14, 1, 2, fill, fill");
            HoursListener hl = new HoursListener();
            //  engineer section 
            String uname = System.getProperty("");
            JLabel lblEngineer = new JLabel("Engineer");
            lblEngineer.setFont(new Font("Times New Roman", Font.BOLD, 14));
            p.add(lblEngineer, "2, 18, right, default");
            txtEngineer = new JTextField();
            jpTab0.add(txtEngineer, "4, 18, fill, default");
            //  comments section 
            JLabel lblComments = new JLabel("Comments");
            lblComments.setFont(new Font("Times New Roman", Font.BOLD, 14));
            p.add(lblComments, "2, 20, right, top");
            txtComments = new TextArea(4,4);
            p.add(txtComments, "4, 20, fill, top");
    My jdk version is:


    My Operating System is:

    Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3

    My IDE is:

    Eclipse Indigo Service Release 1
    Build id: 20110916-0149

    My JCalander Version is:

    v1.4 - 07/09/2011

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!



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    Default Re: JTextArea is hiding drop downs....

    I actually found my own work-around just so everyone knows. instead of using a JTextArea I replaced it with a JEditorPane and encapsulated it with a JScrollPane. This is not a fix for the issue with JTextArea but it works around the problem. The JEditor Pane does not hide any of the drop-downs.



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    Default Re: JTextArea is hiding drop downs....

    JDateChooser is not a Swing class. Nor is JCalendar. I suggest you seek help or file a bug report wherever you got these classes or packages.

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