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    Default Problem with JList event.

    I created a calendar, that JList represents the days of the week, its look like that :
    Problem with JList event.-calendar.png
    I want to create event that every time i`ll click on one of the days (one of the JLists) i will add some appointment to this day.
    I have a problem to know which exactly list i clicked.
    This is the way i setup all my JLists :

    Java Code:
    JList list;
    for (int i=0; i<Days; i++)
    			calendar.set(Calendar.YEAR, Calendar.MONTH, i);
    			String TempStr[] = {Integer.toString(i+1) + "/" + Integer.toString(month) + "/" + Integer.toString(year)} ;
    			list = new JList<String>(TempStr);

    How do i get to the context on every list?
    When i click on every list how can i know which exactly list i clicked?
    I have tried to you at the FocusEvent, but list.getSelectedValue() show me null.
    I hope that i was clear enough.
    Thanks for helpers,

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    Default Re: Problem with JList event.

    The FocusEvent object passed into the focusGained method will tell you which object set off the event. Call getSource() on the object, check to be sure that it's a JList, and then cast it to JList.

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